Audio Replay is a high energy band that will bring fun and excitement to your next event. With each band member having years of performance experience, Audio Replay is sure to make your event stand out. Featuring powerful lead vocalists, Audio Replay is able to reproduce virtually any musical style. From The Beatles, Free to Whitesnake, from Aretha ,Janis Joplin to Shania Twain. Audio Replay can play it all! Audio Replay Is a unique team of musicians. We are friends first. Each member brings their unique talents and personality to the group, but because of our friendship, we have a chemistry on stage that elevates the musical experience for the audience. Audio Replay was founded and is fronted by Jimmy on lead vocals and keyboards along with the lovely Lyza on Female lead vocals, percussion and acoustic guitar. A very strong vocal duo that allows Audio Replay to offer a wide musical variety.Kenny, Lead guitarist and the glue of the Band. He has a vast knowledge of music, timing and tone. And he is the MELODY MAN.Although he doesn't sing in the Band ,his guitar certainly does. Mike on rhythm and lead guitar brings his talent with his lead and harmony vocals as well as with his guitar work. His speed and knowledge of the fretboad, he is the SHREDDER. Together they blend their talents to create a cohesive sound to the mix. The low end rhythm is laid down by Danny on Bass who loves rock, plays Dance Rock & Disco. Tony is the drummer. He plays the song like no other. Very creative but sticks to the song beat enough (only more powerful) .Danny and Tony keep the beat going strong and the dance floor filled. Audio Replay puts its own distinctive blend of fun, excitement, and elegance into every show. We love playing music together and performing for our audience. We put our best efforts into every show. You will be impressed with the musical quality and professionalism we deliver to each performance. Audio Replay plays the outdoors Clubs, Bars and Restaurants. We can be seen regularly in Nassau ,Suffolk and Queens NY. Audio Replay is available for Weddings and private events. Our unique chemistry and musical talent will deliver an experience that's anything but ordinary. Audio Replay will make your special event musically memorable and a lot of fun! 



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Jimmy.. Lead Male Singer ,Keyboards                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Lyza, Lead Female Singer

Danny, Bass

Tony , Drums Back Up Vocals.

Kenny .Lead Guitar

Michael,Lead Guitar,Back Up Vocals